The majority of seniors aged 65 or older would prefer to stay at home – or age in place – rather than live out their golden years in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Today, more aging adults are able to stay in their homes for the long-term than ever before and Senior Safety Solutions is helping seniors live safely, independently, with confidence and integrity.

For elderly adults, fall and injury prevention measures are paramount for maintaining a safe living environment. Safety hazards are easy to overlook by an untrained eye. At Senior Safety Solutions, we utilize our decades of experience in the healthcare field to ensure our inspections are thorough and every individual we serve has all of the tools needed to live at home securely.

The Benefits of Aging in Place

For the majority of elderly adults, remaining in their own home as they age is the preferred choice. Living at home for as long as possible holds several important benefits including:

Cost Savings
Long-term care in a skilled nursing home, assisted living, or independent living residence is costly. According to the Maryland Health Care Commission, the cost of long-term care can range from $17,000 to $79,000 per year depending on the type of care needed and where it is provided. Medicare typically does not cover long-term care facilities (although some Medicare programs may help cover limited costs for a short period of time) and Medicaid kicks in only after an individual has drained all of his or her assets and finances.

Being able to remain in your own residence, with or without in-home help (which may be covered by Medicare), is clearly less of a financial drain, especially since many seniors have paid off their mortgages, eliminating the expense of housing.

Comfort and Security
There is certainly no place like home. There’s much to be said for being able to live in a place that holds cherished memories, a favorite chair, a comfortable bed, good neighbors, and familiar surroundings. Having to leave the comforts of home can be a very stressful event for the elderly. With the help of Senior Safety Solutions’ comprehensive home safety inspection, more seniors are able to age in place securely. In fact, we find that older individuals are safer in their own home compared to a nursing facility, for example, because they are in a familiar environment. With our suggested modifications, more elderly adults can remain at home, safely.
Maintaining Independence
Being self sufficient for as long as possible has a positive emotional and physical effect on seniors. Staying in a familiar environment and aging in place allows more aging adults the independence they want and need. And, with support services available in the community, including access to senior centers, volunteer opportunities, home health care, as well as transport services, families have an abundance of options and resources to help elderly parents remain at home for the long-term.
Family First

One of the things people hold most dear to them is family. Helping a senior remain in their home allows them to stay connected to family members, whether its older children, grandkids and great-grandchildren, close friends or neighbors.

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