Our home inspection and comprehensive evaluation services include:

  • A comprehensive, 150-point home safety evaluation. This includes all exterior areas and pathways, stairs and handrails, entry areas and doors, all rooms in the house (kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living and dining rooms, hallways and stairs). In addition, we can address other facets of the home that require adaptation to address safety issues such as lighting (e.g. adding brighter LED light bulbs throughout the home, easily manipulated light switches, etc.).
  • Personalized recommendations. We believe a personalized approach is important, which is why we ask that the resident and a family member participate in the evaluation and discuss any concerns.
  • Complete safety checklist. After the inspection is completed, Senior Safety Solutions will provide you with a safety summary and checklist with recommendations as well as a plan for fall prevention. This checklist is then reviewed with the resident and their family members.
  • Following the home inspection, we will sit down with you and your family member(s) to discuss the recommendations and modifications that will ensure a safe environment. Rest assured that all recommendations do not need to be performed immediately. We are here to guide you and help prioritize the necessary steps.

Additional services* offered by Senior Safety Solutions:

  • On-the-spot improvements. During the home inspection, we may point out dimly lit areas or other potential hazards that can be fixed that day. We carry and can provide night lights, brighter LED light bulbs, and non-skid stair treads and non-skid padding for rugs, in hallways, and in bathrooms and other areas should you require any of these additional enhancements.
  • Coordination of special equipment. If special equipment is needed, such as a tub bench, shower chair, or reacher, we can order these items for you and install them at a follow-up visit. Our team also provides the resources necessary for you to purchase this equipment on your own.
  • Referrals to qualified contractors. If home modifications are suggested, we can provide you with a pre-screened, qualified contractor to complete the work.

*Additional charges apply.

Why Work With Senior Safety Solutions

Seniors and the elderly face many challenges when it comes to remaining in their homes as they grow older. Senior Safety Solutions combines years of experience and expertise in adapting home environments for safe living. This includes spotting even the smallest obstacles that pose fall hazards, a leading cause of injury in seniors.

You’ll be surprised just how detailed we are when it comes to our home safety inspections. Here are just a few of the many areas we address on a Senior Safety Solutions home safety checklist:

  • Improving lighting
  • Accessible entryways and exits
  • Safer steps and stairways
  • Added safety measures, adaptive equipment and devices in every room of the home

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