There’s No Place
Like Home.
There’s No Place
Like Home.
For many seniors and elderly adults in Maryland, having the ability to stay in their homes is a top priority, next to maintaining their health, being with their families, living an active lifestyle, and remaining as independent as possible, for as long as possible. At Senior Safety Solutions, our number one priority is to adapt the home so that seniors can live safely and independently in their house for as long as possible. Consider us your personal health and safety consultant, here to help you live life on your own terms, and in your own home. fall prevention senior home safety Baltimore

Your Safety Is Our Number One Concern

Senior Safety Solutions provides the most comprehensive in-home safety inspection that helps ensure aging in place is the norm, not the exception. Our comprehensive, 150-point home safety evaluation covers every room and every corner of the home, inside and out. We walk you through every step of the inspection process, provide a personalized safety checklist based on our evaluation, and can also provide the resources you need to make the necessary modifications.

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Expert Inspections, Personalized Recommendations

Unlike a general home inspector that just scratches the surface of safety issues in the home of an elderly adult, Senior Safety Solutions is dedicated to inspecting every nook and cranny of the residence for safety hazards that may not be apparent to the untrained eye. Often, families don’t think about little things like adding handles on cabinets, non-skid rugs in the bathrooms to prevent slips and falls or fixing that tiny crack in the outside walkway that could pose a tripping hazard. Our keen eyes are specially trained to spot even the smallest obstacles.

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Decades of Healthcare Experience Sets Us Apart

Owners Joan and Joe Farace are uniquely qualified to provide the specialized home safety inspections you or your loved one needs to remain independent at home. Both retired occupational therapy professionals, they understand the health and safety implications of living in a home that is equipped for the needs of seniors and elderly adults. They know what to look out for because they’ve personally treated the injuries caused by safety hazards in the home and are now helping Maryland seniors live safely for the long-term.

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